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Why Duart?


By partnering with Duart you will optimize your exit proceeds and your business' legacy.

Map out a clear path forward:

  • When is the right time to realize liquidity? - Initial Business review and goal setting discussion
    • Business Financial Results and Personal Goals
  • What are the target liquidity values?
  • Many business owners have not defined their target 'exit' value(s)
    • The 'floor'
    • The 'extended security'
    • The 'big dream'
  • What are the owner's current personal financial goals?
    • Key data point - Only 3% of US has >$1M of liquid assets
  • What level of success does the business need to achieve in order to meet personal goals?
    • Sale price
      • EBITDA size or specified date

    Typical Process when Selling a Privately Held Business:

    • Engage a business broker or investment banker
    • Take a significant amount of time to develop the offering materials
    • Offering materials distributed
    • Potential buyers detailed questions asked and answered
    • Numerous potential buyer meetings
    • Obtain an LOI from potential buyer
    • Enter into the Due Diligence phase
      • Potential buyers are often surprised by something in due diligence
        • Operations
        • Market
        • Customer
        • Legal
        • Macro environment negatively changes
      • Most LOIs don't wind up closing
    • Obtain a final LOI
      • Potentially renegotiated by buyer
      • Potentially from an alternate buyer
    • Negotiate final purchase documents
    • Close transaction
      • Entire process often takes one year or more
    • New owners may or may not respect the sellers and the business as it was developed prior to transaction

Target Duart Transaction:

  • 80% asset purchase transaction with sellers having a 20% equity interest in the NEWCO
  • Effectively transition business operations in order to work effectively with new ownership
  • Customers and business partners valued and respected
  • Business team respected
    • More opportunity provided post closing for the team
  • Provide opportunity for maximum ultimate financial success for sellers
  • Build to Sell Program
    • If business owners are not ready for a transaction today you may enter into the "Build to Sell Program"
    • Duart partners with business owners to grow business in order to meet predefined owner goals.